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Does favicon 404 affect performance?

Yes, missing favicons do affect performance. As you probably already know, adding a favorite icon to your website is a great way to add subtle branding to your website. It’s an easy, one-time update to your website that you never need to think about once it’s done. Lets say you don’t care about the favicon [...]

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How to Save Images Optimized for Web

Are you saving images wrong? Most beginners don’t know how to save images properly which can have a huge impact on website speed. In this article, we will show you how to properly save images optimized for web. Every blogging expert will tell you that images help increase engagement. However what they don’t tell you [...]

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Improve WordPress Website Speed

Speed is of essence, especially when it concerns a website. If your page download speed is slow, you are bound to lose customers. The worst part is that you will never know about these lost opportunities. Fortunately there are many ways in which you can optimize your WordPress website speed. Here are some tips to [...]

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