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5+ years experience in WordPress/PHP deployment. Experience in developing REST API, PHP5, Zend, WordPress, AngularJs, Yii, Bootstrap with proficiency in requirement analysis, development. Developed : WP Database Backup, WP All Backup, WP User WordPress Plugins.

weDevs – A Short Introduction

Background & Introduction Founded in the year 2008, with a mere blogging platform that used to write articles related to various WordPress related problems and its solution. Slowly after working its way through several challenges over the years, it gathered enough experience and knowledge to officially introduce itself as a full-fledged WordPress plugin development company [...]

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10 Reasons Your Store Needs an eCommerce Website to Grow

E-Commerce website is an online activity where people can sell, buy and transact business online. On this platform buyer can choose and order the product. It also includes payment gateway & customer can pay online and get the product at home. It also includes a catalog or brochure, search functions, stock control, delivery options and [...]

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Why Your Business Needs a Web Site?

In this day and age where digital technology and the Internet has influenced how we live and work, it is shocking to know that very few small business owners have a website. It is hard to believe that only 44% of small businesses have a website. This statistic is confounding when you realize people spend [...]

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How to Setup Authentication in WordPress REST API

The WordPress core now supports a new REST API as of version 4.8.x. Among a sea of new possibilities, one can now build a front-end for a website or app with a framework like React or Angular and use WordPress and its familiar admin dashboard to manage the back-end. So pulling all the content in the [...]

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Whitelisting IP addresses in WordPress

Whitelisting : – all IP addresses are blocked except for specific IP addresses that are allowed. Blacklisting - IP address means to block a specific set of IP addresses, while ‘whitelisting’ allows access to just a specific set of IP addresses. That is – when you whitelist an IP address on a website, you grant [...]

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Block An IP Address From Visiting A WordPress Website

Dealing with a bot, spammer, or hacker constantly hitting your site? There are many reasons you may need to block an IP address from visiting your website. To prevent particular users doing malicious things with your website Trying to spam your web forms Hack your shopping cart, etc. Big impact on your visits and bandwidth [...]

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Inpsyde’s Success Story

Our story started in 2006, when our founders decided to work together as Inpsyde agency. Before, they already worked together in the German WordPress community where they, amongst other activities, translated WordPress into German and took responsibility for the German translation for many years. So we can proudly say we grew out of [...]

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WordPress Web Development Advantages

1. Flexibility and lower cost of development: Being an open source CMS WordPress is free, does not involve licensing cost and has no restrictions on modifications, additions or changes to the code. 2. Customizable: WordPress CMS is the ideal platform to build websites customized to any requirements or budget,be it a small individual website, blog, [...]

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eLightUp – (Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh) Success Story

Company Name: eLightUp (https://elightup.com) Brand Name (our most popular product): Meta Box (https://metabox.io) Founder / CEO Name: Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh When you have started [Establishment]: Company was established in 2016, but the product Meta Box has been available since 2010. Where you are located: Hanoi, Vietnam Idea behind product: We were working on [...]

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