Company Name: eLightUp (

Brand Name (our most popular product): Meta Box (

Founder / CEO Name: Tran Ngoc Tuan Anh

When you have started [Establishment]: Company was established in 2016, but the product Meta Box has been available since 2010.

Where you are located: Hanoi, Vietnam

Idea behind product: We were working on clients website and we see the process/effort of creating custom fields and meta boxes were significant. So we created a tool that reduces time and effort working with custom fields. That’s how Meta Box was born.

How you have started product: At first, there was no products yet. Everything is just some tutorials. We wrote a “template” of code that can be copied and pasted when we need. As time goes, the code is going better and requires us to package it in a plugin.

What challenges you are facing: The limitation of resources: human resource and financial. When we started, there was only one developer in the team. And no money until 2014. It was the hardest time, because we got a lot of feature requests.

How you got success to reach this stag: We’re not really successful yet. We’re still improving the product to meet people’s expectation. We focus on making it a flexible, full-featured and reliable developer tool that really help other developers reduce time and effort on coding. We hope the quality of the product will help us grow.

What encourage you more to connect with WordPress: The WordPress itself and the people around it. We see WP changed our lives, our careers and we meet a lot of wonderful people.


Meta Box now has 300k+ active installs, with average rating is 4.7/5.

Meta Box

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Modern, clean, responsive premium WordPress themes for all your needs. Fast loading, easy to use and optimized for SEO.

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Meta Box

The lightweight & feature-rich WordPress plugin that helps developers to save time building custom meta boxes and custom fields.

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