WP Support PlusI am author of WP Support Plus & SupportCandy plugins on wordpress.org.

I was working as WordPress plugin developer in Pune for a private company. Due to some family issues I
had to left the job and I returned to my hometown Shrirampur, Dist. Ahemadnagar. Hometown didn’t
have any IT background but as because it was not possible for me to leave this place, I decided to develop
a plugin for WordPress. While thinking about idea, I remember that the company I was working for was
using expensive third-party helpdesk solution to support their customers. That time, there was very few
helpdesk solutions available for wordpress and I decided to do so. It took me several weeks to finalize the
product and publish it to wordpress plugin repository.

Soon it started getting attention of users and became popular. It started getting suggestions, bug reports
from users and I was not able to handle all of the work alone. So registered first IT company in our city
PSM Web Solutions PVT LTD”. It was challenging for me to both handle the work and find new talent
but somehow I managed, trained people and now we are more than 10 employees of the company.
Till the date WP Support Plus is most popular plugin in helpdesk category with more than 10,000+ active

Category : Helpdesk

Company : PSM Web Solutions PVT LTD

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WP Support Plus